A letter to autumn

Bright, blinding sunlight beams down on Britain over the past few days – and leaves the streets riddled with bare legs and red-skinned pedestrians. Summer has arrived, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Sitting, panting dehydrated and burning under the rays doesn’t sound all that fabulous to me.

Indeed, it is truly nice to be able to sit outside in a beer garden at the local pub in sunglasses; but how nice is it the next day when the contrast of pale and reddened skin lingers where your shirt lay the day before? Having to walk squinting all day, potentially leading to embarrassing public displays of blindness as you walk into a bin, or just looking like you’re squishing your face up the whole day. It is unavoidable. In the autumn, just pull a jumper on and you’re feeling good – not so easy in the blaring sunshine. Flaring through your windows, heating indoors and outdoors, inescapable heat is seeping into every part of your life.

Laying in your underwear on top of the duvet at night to keep cool, not comfy. Leaving windows wide open all day, not safe. Walking anywhere without putting suncream on, not good. Despite the luscious scent of fresh cut grass and a diet of ice-cream being acceptable, sight is lost and it’s just aggravating after more than an hour of being outside. So yes, do rush down to the beach, as walking with sand between your toes is one of the most wonderful feelings in life, but it is undeniable that too much heat is just downright annoying.

summer beach toes seasons autumn happy sand feet

Embrace the summer, but look forward to autumn. Watching sunsets over the beach in a regular, warm, maybe pull-a-jumper on weather, strolling through crunchy leaves under the fading sun without sweating while scantily clad. Look forward to being comfy. Look forward to throwbacks to childhood while kicking conkers, maybe jump into a leaf pile or two. Enjoy the summer while it’s here, but summertime is over-rated.



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