New Music This Week – MUM REVIEWS

Observations Pour Moi presents a new kind of music review; MUM REVIEWS. Who better to tell their take on the latest releases than a mid-40’s mum of four, hey?

The Magic Gang She Won’t Ghost

It sounds like he’s in pain! God love him go help him get rid of his ghost.

Jungle The Heat

Can’t feel the heat ‘cus it’s fucking cold, it ain’t summer yet! It’s like summat from years ago ent it, it doesn’t make ya think much though.

Pup Resevior

All I can say is I like it, you need to blast that kinda music, think ya do need subtitles though

Only Real Punks & Potions

Oo I like the sound of that but it’s gonna go ‘orrible won’t it, I like that actually, ya get a surprise, or ya could call it rappin, or talkin.

YuppiesHitchin a Ride

They’re tryna be The Doors but with an awful voice, CRAP.

GamblesA Song For Jeff Bauman Jr

It’s the kind of miserable music I like, oh fuckin’ hell just give him a shotgun!

cplnd – Dean Blunt King James

Uh I’m waiting for it to start

Has it started?

Is he stuck?

Oh I just don’t know anymore!

Gangs of Youthevangelists

Oh not another ooooooooooh, can’t say nothin’ bad though it’s got Jesus in it.

The Black Tambourines – Crosseyed

I’m never too old! The cheek like i’d want him! Fuck off!

Thanks to Mummy Boyce for presenting her views…

Featured Image: The Black Tambourines


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