10 weird moments captured on London tubes


So with the whole ‘Women eating on the tube’ thing taking over the cyber-sphere recently, even triggering feminist protests in response, here are some examples of some much more interesting things you can see on your tube journeys. Because, come on, Emily eating a sandwich is hardly captivating.

1. Iron Mantube, london underground travel city centre england culture instagram

Iron Man seems a bit lost as he heads off to Stanmore on this tube journey, casually awaiting his stop…shouldn’t he have more important things to do? Perhaps off home after a long day of, I don’t know, being Iron Man?

2. Tube Planking

tube plankWe’ve seen planking, owling, and various takes on putting yourself into weird positions for the amusement of facebook pages everywhere. Is tube station planking the next big hit? We hope not.

3. 101 Dalmations

tube dalmation

Cruella Deville seems to have a new target, and apparently a well educated one. Here’s a particular dalmation on a tube journey, casually reading a book as if being on a collar and leash is the norm.

4. Mayor Tubeman

tube mayorman

Here’s a slightly freaky looking gentleman dressed head to toe in mayor-get-up. He isn’t as crazy as he seems, as he actually works in Camden Market, but hopefully he’s ringing his bell there and not reading the Evening Standard.

5. Animal Farm

tube farmyardApparently the farm-yard have gone on a field trip here, as an array of animal outfits grace this carraige.

6. Underground Yoga

tube yoga

This cannot really be explained. Although, it does look like this man is attempting yoga on the tube. So let’s go with that. Tuga. (Tube + Yoga, geddit?)

7. Pass Out

tube pass outSome people take Tinie Tempahs lyrics to heart, and “do this until [they] pass out” – as displayed here, by a woman having a little nap on a surprisingly clean tube floor. Not a strange sight on the last tube of the night.

8. Nostalgia

tube pacman

Pacman makes a visit to the Jubilee line and makes everyone want to return to the eighties? Hopefully he was chasing people through the carraiges, hopefully.

9. Batmen

tube batmen

Nobody is sure what is even happening in this image, but it appears these two gentleman haven’t quite understood what ‘come as batman’ meant on their fancy dress invites.

10. Dress Up

tube oysterBest until last….here we can observe a woman who has decided for some uncomprehendable reason that on this day, she wished to leave her house dressed as an oyster card.

So again, who cares about Sandy and her packet of crisps, when these oddities are all around us.

Photos: taken from PeopleOnTheUnderground on Instagram



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