Our own spring break

While the Easter Holidays may not be much of a spring break in comparison to California, with multiple assignments and revision eating up most of your time off, here’s why we love it.

It’s getting to that time of the year when the sun starts to spring, and summer is on it’s way in a new town. As you can smell and taste the sun, you’ll think about how it feels to walk down your road in wherever your home-town is, and maybe you’ll sigh. You’ll miss sitting on the grass with your old friends. You’ll even start to miss your parents telling you not to get day-drunk, and ignoring them.

sun london city steet summer

The meals you cook in the upcoming weeks start to consist of using up the rest of your food before the break, and you look forward to the fridge having a normal supply of normal food in it. And not having to get the bus to campus each morning. Eyes glazing at the thought of the Café breakfast on the local high-street that you’re soon to return to. Lips curling up into a cheeky smile as you think about the bar you visit every Wednesday night back home. You’ll get to lay in your double bed, and sprawl out amongst the cushions and duvet without worry of hitting your limbs off the wall trying to stay in the single bed you got stuck with.

double bed home easter break

So soon enough, the sun will be shining on us back at home, so for now, eliminate the thought of all the work you have lined up, all the stress of uni, all the drama, and just take a deep breath in and appreciate the little three weeks that you get to spend back in your own place. It is yours, and students don’t get to appreciate that much. Enjoy home.

For me, I shall soon be smiling under the glaring sunlight in the chaotic and beautiful city of London, what about you?
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