Top 5 tracks of the week

A mixture of oddities have been gracing our ears with their presence this week, and a concoction of indie, R&B, soul and a dash of funk make up the favourite records at the moment. Here’s the best of the week…

Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money

This track has been dug right out of an old playlist recently, but is a true gem. One that will have you grooving until the last note whenever it comes on, you’ll find yourself singing along, rather elaborately, in no time at all. So this track by Penguin Prison, way back from 2011, is definitely still worthy of a place in this weeks list.

Klaxons – Atom To Atom

Plucked from their upcoming album – Klaxons have so far released three songs off of the 2014 record Love Frequency, released on June 9th. Obviously we all know Golden Skans and Gravities Rainbow, but this track has something that little bit different to the Klaxons we love. And it’s still great. This is the one that throws back to that typical Klaxons sound of the releases so far, and as they’ve just released the album art and title too, Klaxons are on every bodies tongues this week.

The Internet – Doncha

An R&B soulful sound, with a bassline to move to. The Internet have struck the right chords here, throwing back to a nineties R&B sound to create a track perfect for those hazy Sunday afternoons. ‘Dontcha’ may be the name of a Pussycat Dolls song, but from now on this tune is all you’ll be associating that with.

Circa Waves – 100 Strangers

The Noughties was a classic era for indie-rock, and it’s always great to see bands getting back into that vibe. Although ‘100 Strangers’ could probably be mistaken for a track by The Kooks, we don’t see that as too much of a bad thing. Turn the speakers up for these happy riffs.

 Jamie XX – Sleep Sound

Jamie XX often makes songs that you could fall asleep in a field to, surrounded by grass and sunshine. So as the sun makes an appearance, this new song from Jamie XX is definitely in my soundtrack this week. This track has a far more ‘chill’ vibe to it than the bold steel drums of his last, the smooth bass and soft flow of the eclectic sounds make this a hit on my playlists.

So, that’s what we’re listening to. What about you?



Featured Image: Circa Waves

Originally written for Undertone Online.


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