8 Problems With Promoting

Working in promotion – easy right? Far from it. You may be under the assumption that handing out leaflets is easy work, fun shifts, and even though it is far from glamorous, quite a nice way to earn your extra money.

But oh no. It is problematic. It is hell. And although, yes, it is fun, it is also awful at the same time. Awul.

So here’s the top 8 problems with promoting:

  1. Overly creepy men

This one is for the female promoters. Worst experience? Men will try and pick you up. LITERALLY. They will touch you. They will ask for your number (despite how old they are ahem 50 year old). The most cliché line: “will you be there after work?”. No, no we will not. We will be going home after a stressful night of dealing with men like you.

creepy men on shift work promo weird man

  1. Coffee

That 24 hour cafe a few buildings from your leaflet spot with the really good coffee means that a small portion of the wages from a night shift are spent in advance on coffee, just to get you through it. Strong and sweet, strong and sweet.

coffee drinker addict beavis mtv work job career

  1. Boring colleagues

Although within promotion this rarely happens, I must say, if you work within a large team and the staff are chosen from those…there can be some very boring colleagues. Say hello to standing on a corner awkwardly with a guy that barely speaks for four hours. Always a fun way to spend a Friday night.

kim kardashian yawn bored boring gif work job career

  1. Smoking….chainsmoking.

Smokers, you are at risk here. Hours of doing nothing but being outside and talking to people undeniably and certainly leads to an unhealthy amount of cigarettes being consumed.

simpsons smoking simpson teacher cartoon tv work job career

  1. A melted mind

At the end of four hours of “free shot” or “*insert club/bar name here* tonight?”, thought processes are demolished, and the only thing left in your mind is the ability to question where the nearest food place is. There will be no clever thoughts going on after promoting, simply mush inside your brain. Essay ideas turn into “half price cocktails” and revising turns into feeling as if you’re rewriting the same days date on 200 cards.

tobias idiot gif work shift long day  job career

  1. Eternal rejection

No job in the world heeds more rejection than in promotion. Hundreds of people will walk past and ignore your attempts to shove leaflets in their hands, and hundreds will say “no”, and hundreds will take the piss out of you. And you just have to deal with it, and hope for the next passer-by to be interested.

no rejection gif work job shift career

  1. Embarrassment

There is something spectacularly embarrassing about your friends seeing you in your club or bars branded hoodie or jacket. They’re off on that night out you had to pass up because of work…and they walk past as your handing a bunch of free shot cards to a group of men in drag. As previously mentioned, it really isn’t the most glamorous job in the world.

malcolm in the middle gif embarassed shame hide work career job shift

  1. Social Media

Bosses try to get you to post status’ on facebook, send messages, invite everyone, tweet about nights at relevant club/bar. And that is the worst part of the job, by far. It is annoying, everybody hates it, nobody pays attention to it, and it will most likely lead to people hating your online presence. Yep, THOSE people…

it crowd people life career work job shift promotion


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