Introducing: HABITATS

Spreading their Indie/tropical/groove around the South, HABITATS debut single ‘Diamond Days’ has finally graced the internet with its presence. Having played various venues around the country and voluminous shows all over London, Fierce Panda/Club Fandago have finally picked up one of their incredibly catchy tunes and released it.

HABITATS live band gig soundcheck indie alternative music

Forming back in their college days, plus acquiring their newest member a year and a half ago – HABITATS have spent this entire time developing their sound into wonderfully constructed songs that make you want to groove, and with the sunshine beginning to come out there’s no better time for this debut release. Revelling in the London scene, HABITATS have played in bars, pubs and venues from Camden to Shoreditch and the ecstacy of the city is reflected in their music. Their records give you a pick-me-up feel, tapping the tables and shoulder-bopping away as their music comes through the speakers.

As they tell me their influences, I’m astounded by the eclectic list I receive – as it includes “Roxy Music, Warpaint and Local Natives”, alongside “Terry Wogan, Brian Cox and full-on naturism”. Not to forget “children’s TV from the 90′s, tassell jackets and green tea”. It’s an endless list.

But on a more serious note, the influences listed that you really can hear: the likes of Tame Impala, Friendly Fires, and “cigarettes and skateboarding” are very much notable when listening to the high notes of the guitar riffs and the vocals that entrance you.

HABITATS are focused and driven, and they’re a band you MUST see live if you find your foot tapping to their soundcloud. You’ll be seeing their name a lot more soon.


For fans of Foals, Warpaint, and hot milk and honey…

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, and hear their music on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes.

Originally written for and posted on Undertone Online: which can be seen here!


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