Are we too obsessed with “happy hours”?

We are all aware that the student stereo-type isn’t one that is truthfully representative – yet it is questionable whether students are becoming too preoccupied with when the “happy hours” are than when to work.

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Deadline on Wednesday? Who cares when Tuesday nights offer us £1 drinks. Happy hour at your favourite bar on Thursday? Sure you’ll get to your 9am lecture on Friday morning, I mean sure.

So although we aren’t all those reckless 20 year olds pissing in gardens and stealing road signs – maybe we ARE spending too much time getting those 2-4-1 cocktails. But does that really do any damage? Perhaps it does to our reputation as students. But think about it, all we’re doing is getting a few drinks and maybe missing a seminar or two. Who are we hurting by that? (apart from our own grades….goodbye likelihood of getting a 1:1)

But then again, happy hours make us happy. It’s in the name after all. We all know that stress of having three deadlines in the space of a fortnight and having left them all a little too late, and the necessity of a drink after handing those in is just unquestionable.

Yes, we’ll sit in the student bar having a pint at 3pm. But that should cause no sense of judgement, it’s extremely unlikely to see a student stumbling about at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon. That’s just silly. Yes, we like a vodka coke with our lunch now and then, or at that editorial meeting, or just because our two-hour lecture is finally over. But no, we are not an evil, non-understandable species.

However, if you are the type to piss on a garden and steal a street-cone after a couple, you probably shouldn’t bother drinking in the first place.

So yes, we have the local happy hours etched in our minds better than the knowledge we need to pass that exam at the end of the semester, but there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

And may I also mention, to the general public: just because I’m a student in your town and I’m wearing lipstick and a leather jacket on my way to happy hour, it does not mean I’m going to set your house on fire, as the looks you give me may suggest…


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