On chavtastic language: convenience, or catastrophe?

The alterations in dialect in recent society are always a controversial topic; have we destroyed the English language, or just developed it?


As we are left using “innit” as a suitable response to almost anything that anybody could possibly say, the word ‘thing’ is shortened to “ting” and worst of them all, the replacement of the word ‘too’ or ‘to’ with “2”; I can only question the sanity of humanity.

But within the younger generation, they recognise and understand with this language more-so than the use of Shakespearian dialect – and they are more keen to sit texting “der bro-demz” than perhaps, flicking through a few pages of King Lear. Generalised slang is potentially a threat to those who retain intelligence and their use of correct language : how we speak now is simply developed from the dialect used in Shakespeare, so then maybe this slang is the way forward for the English language? It’s a troubling thought. A troubling thought indeed.

But perhaps it isn’t all bad. Perhaps it’s simply an equal transition to that of “thou” to “you”. Its a constant evolution – but as we retain an acceptable use of the language, is this just being dragged down by those who value “text talk” to save that entire 3 seconds of time it would take to type “that” rather than “dat”?

So here’s the thing: is this shortening of words, and altering of the language a good cheeky little short-cut to writing? And can we generalise this generalised slang to be the language of those “chavtastic” individuals within our societies?

Text fail

Let us know what YOU think in the comments!


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