Student life, as told by New Girl quotes.

University; it’s a tough life.

So here, to make it a little easier, we’ve proved that the characters in E4’s New Girl feel the exact same way.

You expect every night to be absolutely AMAZING. Your plans seem like the best thing ever, and ‘tonight’ is always the thing that keeps you going.


But then, you end up staying in because your bank balance doesn’t agree with that bottle of vodka you wanted to buy, and wander around your house in your robe instead.

friday nightEven when you AREN’T hungover, you can still sleep until 5pm. And that’s perfectly fine, because it’s the weekend. Or it’s not. The lecture notes are online anyway…

sleeping winstonEverytime you do a food shop, you go out hoping to start that healthy diet you’ve got planned. But you end up with a trolley full of crisps and chocolate. But it’s great, because you avoided those doughnuts!


And the best part about all the work that’s to be done at home for a girl? The lack of boob jail.

boobsAnd if you’re not the right gender to experience this lack of boob jail, you are fully aware that a day spent on netflix is a day well spent.

tvBut when you do go to lectures, you find yourself doing that half-a-second sleep when your head starts to drop…and then half the lecture noticing you jumping back to life.

lookingYou all know that your house could really use a douchebag jar, but you also know it would always be full. So you all ignore the fact and continue without one.

jarThose slight obsessions with people on your course, when you just want to spend the entire lecture staring at them.


Not to forget when you end up at the same party as them…

sexHow the relief you feel when an assignment is handed in is simply crushed within days by a new assignment being set. And depressingly working that into your schedule.

sucksThen when all the assignments come at once. All. At. Once.

help meWith every morning after leaving you tracing together pieces of the night before, working out how bad your decision making process was on a scale of 1 to Lindsay Lohan.

decisionsBut hell, we’re all in the same boat. And we’re all damn crazy because of it. Right, Shmidt?


Featured Image: Fox / Jake Kasdan


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