The Top 10 wonderfully pointless web-pages.

So, you’ve got a crazy amount of assignments due in the next two weeks, your behind on most of your units, and the end of the semester is looming with it’s daunting glare as your realize you are entirely unprepared for everything in life right now. So what better to do than wander the useless and ultimately pointless pages of the internet instead of keeping that Word Doc open…

And there are some VERY pointless websites. Wonderfully pointless, may I add. They are the height of procrastination, as we’d rather stare at a crouton than write our 3,000 word essay.

And as if this post wasn’t procrastination inducing enough, here lies to pathway into a new depth of the internet…a pointless depth.












And there we have it, the top ten ultimate pointless websites. The fact that some of these pages even exist is quite astounding, but perhaps there is somebody out there who lays on the beach on a summers day and enquires….”Is it Christmas?”. And thank goodness there is a web-page to tell them the answer. Thank, goodness. 


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