10 Things Student Girls Won’t Admit


Being female and being a student are not always mutually compatible, as you rush around your houseshare trying to find a hairbrush while toasting bagels at 2pm having just woken up and trying to be on time for your lecture while fighting off that headache. So, here we are, 10 things student girls won’t admit:

(but, as students, we probably will and do admit…)

1) Dry shampoo means we basically don’t wash our hair.


2) We know our housemates can hear everything, and we don’t care. Talking about singing in the shower, obviously.


3) Your mum wants to be proud of the cooking skills she sent you off with, but really you’ve just mastered pasta and tomato sauce.


4) It took us twenty minutes to get our eyeliner even this morning, and that’s why we’re late.


5) It’s a 9am start. Yes, we literally DID get dressed in the dark this morning.


6) We do order pizza. A lot. Of course we don’t live off salad, we’re only human.


7) If you’re cute, we probably enjoy your cheesy chat up lines.

chat up

8) When we’re sad, we listen to Taylor Swift.

taylor danm swift

9) We tell our best friends everything. Every. Thing.


And finally…

10) Rose wine is our friend. And we have no shame in that.

pink wine


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