So, suddenly everyone seems to have found their university romance. Maybe you’re the only one in your friend group who’s single anymore, or maybe you’re just a little sick of seeing couples around. You hear about that cute dinner your friend had with his girlfriend the other night, and about every other little detail. And although it annoys you, just like everybody else who is single, now and then you suffer that slight twang of jealousy.

So if your teddy is the partner in your life, here’s why not to resent being ‘alone’ at university.



You’re at university – and as frustrating as it may be, the workload is the top priority. Why let anyone get in the way of that? No two hour phone calls every night. No arguments when you have to stay in to work on an assignment. No distractions, being a career person is basically for the best.


Go out and kiss that cute guy/girl at the bar. Because you can. You’ve come to uni, there are thousands more men and women that you can eye up across the club. Dance with people, give them your number. You are single. And that is great. You go for it. No partner? No regrets!


That present your best friend just bought their partner may have been super cute – but it did set them back quite a bit. Keep your pockets full and spend what you deserve on yourself. Treat yourself, because that student loan belongs to you, and you should be able to spend it on wine and chocolate if you want to.


Worry worry worry – relationships are constant consideration and care for your other half. But worry not, for those without a partner? All thoughts are yours. Do what you like, when you like. No texting your other half every ten minutes when you’ve gone for a drink to keep them updated. All that you need to update is the glass when it empties and the conversation you’re having with your friends.


So, your housemate and best friend has date-night with their partner every thursday night…leaving you at home, bored and lonely. Or does it. Think about it, you’ve got these thursdays (replace thursday with your relevant day of the week) to yourself. And whoever you want to spend them with. As your housemate/friend meets the same girl/guy every time, you can have as many dates lined up as you like. Date night isn’t depressing when you see couples going out, just think about all those fish in the sea.

6) YOU

University is a time, as cliché as it is to say, when you ‘discover yourself‘. Why let someone else distract you from being exactly who you want to be? And you want the full experience. You want what you can get. And with succeeding at your degree and having a social life being hard enough to balance, why bring a relationship into it? You can focus on you in your spare ten minutes. Just you. ‘Cus you are what matters.

In the words of Destiny’s Child; “I depend on me”. 


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