Top tunes of the week.

So with an array of new releases being blasted through the speakers this week, here’s a collection of the top 5 tunes on the radar this week.

Starting with…

The 1975 – Settle Down

With The 1975 gracing the O2 Academy Bournemouth this Valentine’s Day, their latest album deserves to be revisited. The track Settle Down is just a reminder of the consistent quality of their happy-go-lucky indie records. With an intro sounding like it could go into The 1975’s chart placing ‘Chocolate’, Settle Down follows their usual high note guitar melodies and delayed and echoed vocals. Although this makes a notable similarity between this song and a majority of their records, this is a style that always does well, releasing yet another feel-good song that’ll have your head bopping to the back and fourth guitar rhythm. This one is definitely a song to make you smile, although you will probably hear it out the speakers on your next visit to Topman.

Warpaint – Biggy (Baardsen Remix)

Baardsen gives this ace track from Warpaints new self-titled second album a vibrant, more electronic sound than the original. Pairing Emily’s atmospheric vocals with a euphoric oriental sound taking the song in an entirely different direction while retaining the relaxed sound that Warpaint do so well.

Ajimal – This Human Joy

A collaboration project writing about the interplay between ideas, Ajimal’s This Human Joy explores the embracing of peace. And the music certainly reflects this, with the song drawing you straight into the heart of the emotion with delicate piano melodies layered with nothing but gentle vocals. As the song progresses, the development is in the echoing of words, the soft lyrics gaining resonance as “This is for those who do not sing, but die” echoes both in the song and in your mind.

Suplex – You Were The Future

This modern soul track uses strong and bold piano bars over an early 90’s guitar sound much like that of Blood Oranges style, with the drums driving the track forward. With changing beats bringing in the chorus, and the distinct use of hi-hats in the bridge allowing the record to progress. Although the song could do with being a minute or two shorter, if used as working music this is the perfect track this week to keep you going.

Listen to it HERE on soundcloud.

Yuck – Athena

Yuck have made a quick return with their last album having been released just last September, with their new track Athena. Hazy vocals give a transient feel to this guitar driven track – and merged with a pop synth-line – Yuck avail yet again with a dreamlike record. Despite a new vocalist replacing Daniel on their new EP, they will continue to release records from the upcoming four track until its release this spring.

Listen to it HERE on soundcloud.

So, that’s what we’re listening to. What about you?

Featured Image: Dirty Hit/Polydor


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