Have Students turned to ‘Online Dating’? The Tinder debate.

THESE are not necessarily words used in association with Tinder, the app which lets you ruthlessly judge potential ‘matches’ in your area with a swipe of the screen. Literally faced with a photo, name and age, along with two buttons to either “nope” or “like” the face your are shallowly debating is mercilessly engaging the student population with this new kind of online dating.

Say goodbye to traditional dating.

Say goodbye to traditional dating.

Admittedly, this quick-fire judgement process isn’t quite as shallow as it seems. We have types and instincts, we know immediately if we are attracted to someone. So is tinder just an extension of human response? Or is it eliminating the consideration of enjoying peoples personality rather than their good haircut?

Although the choices made aren’t visible to the other (unless you’ve liked each-other – in which case you have a match…) there is definitely a factor of awkwardness in using the app. Clicking through and, who’s that? None other than that coursemate you recognise from your lectures. Oh, and there’s your ex’s best friend. And “nope” is clicked without a second thought, because evidentially students forget that everyone you see, also sees you. Is this app really engaging our thought processes and choices, or perhaps it is just a monotonous routine of swiping nope.

Yet say you do swipe right, what do you get once you’ve got a match? A rather sarcastic sounding comment from the app, pressuring you to contact them; “Cuddling alone is no fun”, “You can tell your kids you met on Tinder” and “insert funny message below” being just some of them. And more often than not, the attempts to woo the match by “Inserting funny below” is frankly disastrous, and at times somewhat crude.

So although the idea behind Tinder, being to meet new people around you, is one that is rather well thought out – the fact that frankly it is not taken seriously by users outweighs this. Students have and will keep on jumping on this Tinder bandwagon, usually with no intention of finding a partner, more-so with the intention of relieving boredom. So you may “have two thumbs for a reason”, but Tinder seems to simply be a waste of time.


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