Flappy Bird: The Candy Crush of 2014

And yet again, a new year brings in a new gaming phenomenon. Flappy Bird, the latest app taking over iPhones and androids everywhere, is a game safest played in a padded room. Lured in by its 90’s Mario graphics, and an addiction developed by its ease of gameplay, it’s understandable why people are raving about Flappy Bird.



However, when I say ease of gameplay, this refers not to the difficulty of the game. Which is far from easy. A tap too many, game over. A tap too little, game over. It’s near impossible to get a score higher than 5, yet it’s also near impossible to put the phone down.

Hysteria has hit as the game merges the tactics of the internet procrastination hit Helicopter with 90’s pixelated graphics ridiculously similar to that of Mario’s Nintendo 64 edition, and the smartphone wonder that is touch screen control. The simple concept of get the bird through the game by tapping sounds easy, but don’t misconstrue this – getting that Flappy Bird through the tunnels will have you throwing your phone across the room/bus/bathroom/street in pure anger when “Game Over” appears in those orange letters and you want nothing but to smash the game as a score of 11 pops up on the screen.

So, as the game says, “Get Ready!” because Flappy Bird is taking the world by storm. And also likely to cause an increase in smashed iPhones. What does it take to get a medal around here?


5 thoughts on “Flappy Bird: The Candy Crush of 2014

    • I’m currently on highest score of 29…..dying to get the gold medal! Although I’ll definitely have to take my own advice soon and transfer to a padded room or my phone shall not exist for much longer!

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