Detox January, Sober Up.

With the dawning of 2014, as every other new year, having many people now attempting to stick to their new years resolutions they foolishly put upon themselves after a few too many glasses of baileys over the Christmas period – I have myself chosen to begin a January detox this week. Although this wasn’t a new years resolution, it has fallen within this timescale of struggle by many of us. And, for many of us, this happens to be a sober January.

Copyright @ Twitter

Copyright @ Twitter

Sobering up during January seems to be a rising trend, even within student culture, does this say something about British culture? Are we a country of alcoholism, or are we a country of proactivity? Myself, this detox is being undertaken in an act of self-improvement, to be healthier, to do less idiotic things while under the influence, and to be better to others (alcohol unquestionably leads to an alter-ego being revealed). But so far, what can I say about sober January?

It is somewhat ostracising. It is refreshing. My bottle of rose wine in the fridge is constantly calling to me. It is frustrating. But most of all, its positive.

Yes, I’ve been whining for wine. Yes, I’ve been missing out on fun times I wouldn’t have remembered anyway. And yes, not all of my peers have agreed with my mission this month. But you truly cannot knock something until you’ve tried it. #soberjanuary is filling up twitter feeds, and although they consists mainly of complaints, I must say that so far – it has not been so hard.

Although I’m not far in, partaking in sober January has me thinking brighter, and although I’ve been left drinking my soya milk hot chocolates while parties ensue, this simply allows for greater productivity. Just think about how much you achieved last time you were hung-over, it really is a sobering thought…

If you’re partaking in sober January, or if you’re struggling with any new years resolution, or your January is just as drunken as any other month of the year, let me know in the comments!


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